TOTh 2011 - Call for papers

Download the call for papers (PDF)

  • January 10th, 2011: Submission dead-line : EXTENDED: January 28th
  • April 1 2011 March 14th, 2011: Notification of acceptation
  • May 2th 2011 April 14th, 2011: Definitive versions
  • May 26th & 27th, 2011: Conference TOTh

Conference topics (non exhaustive list)

The linguistic dimension to terminology and knowledge:

  • language for special purposes, translation, corpus language planning, specialized multilingual communication.
  • usage, variation, term collocations, lexical combinations.
  • terminological products: glossaries, dictionaries, thesauri.
  • corpus processing : extracting terms, extracting knowledge, creating and aligning corpora
  • creating and maintaining terminological resources, harmonizing terms and concepts, theories of meaning, importance and limitations of corpora.
  • validating the quality of data, the role of experts.

Conceptual dimension:

  • terminological principles for building concept systems: knowledge representation, knowledge management, the importance of ontologies (building, maintaining, aligning, merging),
  • input from artificial intelligence, linguistics, epistemology, formal systems (description logic for example),


  • software environments; building and maintaining terminologies, thesauri, dictionaries, ontologies,
  • IT applications based on knowledge and terminology resources: information systems, specialized digital libraries, document management, information retrieval, classification, knowledge management, web semantics, collaborative engineering, etc.
  • assessing acquisition and manipulation tools, changing standards in the field of language and ontology resources.