Workshop 2012

Contexts and Notes in terminology

International Workshop

Forlì (Italy), Friday November 16th, 2012

Today, innovation in terminology is almost exclusively led by players who are directly involved in professional practice, such as industrial or national bodies producing multilingual terminology which is mostly geared towards translation, interlingual communication and technical writing. Terminology is created for practical purposes.

This leads us to adopt a functional standpoint. We therefore invite all interested parties to a one-day workshop to discuss the prospects of integrating and innovating this specific scenario with what has been done so far.

Context and Notes are no longer considered exclusive features of the term entry, but they are framed within an overall usage dimension according to a series of relevant profiles. The practical use of these two fields is essential to establish quality parameters and standards. How can one decide whether an authentic context is preferable to an artificial one without taking its use into account?

Hence the need to design and innovate these two fields pursuing an enlightened use of terminology. Overcoming generic as well as dogmatic approaches, the discussion can focus on two separate issues:

  • the use of the context field
  • the use of the notes field

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