TOTh workshop in Paris

25th November 2016

Neology in Terminology

Turing lecture theatre, Sophie Germain building
Place Aurélie Nemours, 75913 PARIS, FRANCE
Université Sorbonne-Paris-Cité (Paris-Diderot)


Download the program (PDF) : PROGRAM WORKSHOP TOTH 2016

Call for papers

 Building on the success of the past workshops, i.e.

  • The Definition in Terminology (Lisbon, 2011)
  • Contexts and Notes in Terminology (Forli, 2012)
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Representations in Terminology (Copenhagen, 2013)
  • The Thesaurus and Multilingual Terminology (Brussels, 2014)
  • Terminology and Standards (Luxemburg, 2015)

the 2016 workshop will be devoted to

  • Neology in Terminology


 There is no doubt that neology is relevant to various applications of terminology, such as language planning or practical terminology management. In language planning, creating scientific and technical vocabulary to convey modernity is of crucial importance, as is the updating of term bases in terminology management. But neology has still other functions in terminology and the main aim of the workshop is to explore them.

The Workshop

 The following topics are proposed :

 Theoretical aspects of neology in terminology

 The impact of the conceptual modal on terminological creation

  • Terminological specificities of the morpho-syntactic properties of terms such as

    • Updating terminological/lexicographic resources

    • Creation of terminological/lexicographical resources

  • The role of the diachronic dimension such as
    • Terminological obsolescence and death
    • Neology in acronymy
  • Neology and technology monitoring

  • Neology in prescriptive terminology
    • Neology and standardisation

The debate is open to all questions pertaining to neology in terminology.


Submitting a proposal


Papers are to be submitted in the form of a 500 word summary, addressed to the organisers by 30th June 2016. These are vetted by the scientific committee, and notice of acceptance is given by 30th October.

Papers consist of 25 minutes oral presentation, followed by five minutes of questions from the audience.


A selection of articles from the papers given at the conference will appear in Neologica 11, to be published in June 2017. Proposed articles will be examined by a joint scientific committee - that of the workshop (see below) and that of the journal.

Enrolment : free of charge but obligatory

Participants are kindly requested to enrol at the workshop secretariat by the 18th November 2016.


Proposal for paper due (500 words) 31 July 2016 (30 June 2016)
Decision of scientific committee notified  15 September 2016
Workshop   25 November 2016
Articles from papers to be submitted for publication 31 December 2016
Decision of scientific committee 01 February 2017
Publication June 2017

Scientific committee

 Marc Van Campenhoudt - Belgium
Danielle Candel - France
Emmanuel Cartier - France
Rute Costa - Portugal
Judit Freixa - Spain
Fidelma Ní Ghallchobhair - Ireland
John Humbley - France
Christine Jacquet-Pfau - France
Natalie Kubler - France
Teresa Rijo da Fonseca Lino - Portugal
Georg Löckinger – Austria
Johan Myking - Norway
Michele Prandi - Italy
Christophe Roche - France

Klaus Dirk Schmitz - Germany

Scientific advisors 

Danielle Candel, HTL – CNRS UMR 7597, Univ. Paris – Diderot (Paris 7)
John Humbley, CLILLAC-ARP EA3967, Univ. Paris – Diderot (Paris 7)

 Organising committee

Danielle Candel
Rute Costa
Luc Damas
John Humbley
Christophe Roche

Languages : French, English

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Organisation :


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